Nice to meet you!

My background isn’t the typical one for an online business owner. I began with obtaining a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and started my career as a Licensed Counselor. A decade or so into this I transitioned into the online world of Life Coaching. Although I enjoyed both of these careers and was passionate about helping people achieve transformation and self-growth, I discovered that I really enjoyed working on the back-end of my coaching business. You know, the stuff that most people hate or find frustrating and boring – the daily tasks and tech stuff that is necessary to successfully run and grow an online business. No one was more suprised by this than myself. I who had always been the person steering clear of anything tech related!

Now my passion is supporting online business owners behind the scenes so they can look like a rock star to the world and allow them to only work in their zone of genius!

Fun Stuff

Family: I’m a single mom of two wonderful boys who keep me on my toes and always laughing. Ronan is 18years old and Garrick is 16 years old.

I know where my entreprenurial spirit came from. My dad was a mutliple small business owner, a natural salesman and taught me the value of hard work and time freedom.

Things I enjoy: Family time, travel, learning new skills, reading, volunteering and a good Netflix binge as my guilty pleasure.

Fun facts: I traveled to Europe by myself at the age of 15. I was terrified going into it but it turned out to be a turning point in my life. 1) The experience birthed the travel bug inside of me. 2) It taught me how self-reliant and independent I am.

I’m a keto diet fanatic. As strange as it may sound keto changed my life in more and deeper ways than just weight loss. Want to know? Just ask me!

I’m a serial entrepreneur! Here are just a few examples: Independent Licensed Therapy Practice, Online Life Coach, Special Needs Tutoring Company, Ecommerce Store Owner and Certified Ketogenic Diet Coach.

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